Experiences Of BSc Nursing Students At The University Of Guyana Berbice Campus During The Transition From Face-To-Face To Online Learning (1st Cohort)

This qualitative study delves into the experiences of BSc Nursing students at the University of Guyana Berbice Campus as they transitioned from face-to-face to online learning within the 1st Cohort. Conducted through focus group interviews on Zoom, the research aimed to comprehend the multifaceted nature of this shift and its implications. From the data analysis, five overarching themes emerged: “Personal,” “Structural,” “Social,” “Resilience,” and “Inequalities.” The “Personal” theme encapsulates the individual journey of students adjusting to the technological dimension of online learning. It reflects challenges, adaptations, and successes in engaging with virtual platforms and tools.
“Emotional” experiences during the transition form the core of the second theme. This theme delves into the emotional impact on students as they navigated the abrupt change, uncovering a range of sentiments and psychological responses. The third theme, “Support Measures,” reveals the strategies and resources that students employed or received during the transition. It highlights the pivotal role of support networks in facilitating adjustment to the online learning environment.
“Resilience” emerges as a testament to students’ capacity to surmount obstacles. The fourth theme explores how participants confronted and conquered challenges, showcasing their adaptability, creativity, and determination. The fifth and final theme, “Inequalities,” sheds light on disparities arising from the transition. It underscores how various factors such as location and resource availability influenced students’ experiences, accentuating the need for equity in the online learning landscape. Research questions were related to technological adjustment, emotional impact, support measures and resilience.
In conclusion, this research presents a comprehensive picture of BSc Nursing students’ experiences during the shift to online learning.