The Darkness Inside (poem)

Poem: Broken into pain and shackled within, It was like a thousand cuts to my skin. Deep fears of drowning and burning, but nothing was as torturous as my mind screaming. The caffeine in my system wasn’t enough, for the demons in my dreams were too tough. Staring at the clock repeatedly, The sadness grew slowly but surely. Pinned to the bed, can’t breathe, just crying, That’s when I saw the signs of dying. Frozen at the end of the cliff, There were no reasons, just a sad riff. I was every shade of blue, praying and praying for miracles to come true. Every unholy spirit took a part of me, in a few seconds there won’t be anything of me. At this point it’s just pain, there’s no hope to gain. I punched a hole in the roof, hoping for at least one holy proof. Then, came the rain like a shipwreck,
wild ocean up to my neck. Sinking with the piano that played the notes to my mental death, picture me as I struggle for one last breath. There I saw the death cup. Is this a sign where I have to give up? Laying calmly, They whispered so sincerely. A light so bright, I reached out with no fright. Out of the dark watery clouds and into the starry night, I started to recover my might. Behind me was a nightmare, in front of me was a fairytale so rare. The blood that was once black is now red, and for once I wasn’t terrified!